Mid-Century & Modern Buildings

Blue Cross Building in Tulsa
13th & Boulder

Former YMCA Building in Tulsa
7th & Denver

University Club Tower in Tulsa
18th & Carson

Unknown Building in Tulsa
5th & Main

Community Care of Tulsa
9th & Cincinnati

Tulsa Community College Downtown
11th & Boston

Pathway to Oral Roberts Building
18th & Main

Skelly Oil Building in Tulsa
8th & Detroit

60s Business Tower in Tulsa
14th & Boulder

2300 Rverside Flats
Woodward & Riverside

Former Tulsa US Junior Chamber
21st & Boulder

Old Tulsa City Hall
5th & Houston

Littlefield Building in Tulsa
14th & Boulder

OneOK Plaza Building in Tulsa
5th & Boulder

Williams Tower II in Tulsa
3rd & Main

Tulsa Community College Campus
11th & Boston

Simmons Bank in Tulsa
15th & Utica